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(Doesn’t) Work For Me Wednesday

Posted on: September 3, 2008


For those of you “in the know,” Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer has her weekly Works For Me Wednesday carnival, where bloggers post their helpful tips for everything from bathing a baby to quick and easy recipes to scheduling their kids’ activities — anything that helps make life a little easier.

Since I just started my blog (check out my intro post here), this is my very first Works For Me Wednesday (WFMW) post.  But today we’re playing the backwards version.  I post a problem and you, my helpful readers, try to give it your best shot to find a solution.

So here goes.  It’s about buying baby food.  The jars, the plastic tubs, whatever.  It’s a problem.  No, not an earth-shattering, save-the-world problem, but one that irks me nonetheless.  Here’s what I hate:

  • All the jars (and I mean LOTS of jars, because who wants to shop for this every few days??) are basically jumbled in my shopping cart.  No matter how I try to “organize” them, they end up in heaps and piles. 
  • Then, I take them one by one out of the cart to put on the conveyer belt during checkout.
  • They are then thrown carefully placed inside the plastic paper eco-friendly shopping bag, where they also end up a mess!

So here’s what I need . . . isn’t there a way to better carry all these jars?  It would sure save room in my shopping cart if they were in some sort of container, so I didn’t have to shove all the loose jars aside to fit in a gallon of chocolate skim milk, right? 

Some solutions I already know:

  • Make my own baby food instead.   I appreciate that sentiment, and kudos to you for doing it, but you needn’t bother with that comment, if that’s the solution.  I had lofty goals to make the baby food, but that went by the wayside.  I figure that I nurse my kids for at least a year, so there’s my “all-natural” food.
  • I suppose I could bring my own reusable bags, and at least the jumbles of baby food jars would be somewhat contained within the bag, instead of strewn all over the cart.  I’d still have to unload them one by one for the cashier.

But really, isn’t there a better and easier idea for organization??  Similar to a case of wine where the 12 bottles easily fit into the cardbox box carrying case?

Help!  And thanks in advance!  (And for you WFMW faithful readers, welcome to Barefoot in High Heels!  Take a look around and let me know what you think!)


13 Responses to "(Doesn’t) Work For Me Wednesday"

Here is my tip. Grab your cart, but then also grab one of those hand-held baskets. Fill it up with baby food then place the whole basket on the conveyor belt. The cashier will unload as they scan and save you the trouble.

What if you brought in one of those cardboard box tops (I’m thinking the kind that come on boxes of copy paper) and load the jars in there? Or, you could buy a similiar sized plastic box (I have one for each of my kids’ folded laundry). That would be sturdier and you could bring it into the store with you, load it up and haul it out.

Grab a basket at the front of the store and put it in your cart. Then you can put all the jars in the basket. When you get to the checkout, just lift the basket and the cashier can take them out one by one. It worked for me.

I don’t have anything for you about the baby food issue. I’m closer to needing baby food for myself than I am to when my kids ate it. But, I popped in to welcome you to the blogging world. I am new too and like you, the name thing just about kept me from ever starting. And yes, it eats up enormous amounts of time! But, it’s fun.

Sigh. Can’t help you. I have the same problem with yogurt containers.

Often the baby food is displayed in a sort of box\case thing, i think that fits 8 or so. I find one that is almost empty of a kind I like, and then put the rest of mine in. It doesn’t close or anything, but at least they are all somewhat contained. Baby #3 is just starting baby food, so haven’t done it in a bit, hopefully they still display them that way.

Here are my 2 suggestions, one easier than the other:

1) put a basket in your cart, load babyfood directly into basket, unload basket onto conveyor for cashier (that’s my fav)

2) if you have a Kroger near you, they are giving away handy reusable wine bags that are smaller than the “usual” reusable totes and are compartmentalized to 6 or 9 (I can’t remember already!) sections for wine bottles- these compartments would be great for sliding babyfood into and keeping the jars from rolling around all over…since the bags are free they should be willing to give you one if you ask.

Welcome to WFMW!

I know this is not what you want to hear. However after buying all those jars I was more bothered by the cost verses quanity. I quickly went to the fruit and veggie aisle and began purchasing jars on all natural applesauce for alot cheaper in the family size to feed baby. Also green beans in the can and squished them myself. Or just took out some from the can we were cooking for dinner. I hated to pay $.50 for one jar when the whole can was $.47.

That’s a tough one! The handheld grocery basket is a great idea, but then you still have the jumblies to deal with at home. Do you think a little Rubbermaid container or a small cooler might do it?

I use to have this problem, but I have come up with a simple solution. I like buying a lot of baby food at one time, because I hate making several small trips to the store. I also hated my baby food jars being all willy nilly in my shopping cart. I started bringing in two small milk crates with me to the store. I use one milk create to put the baby food in, and put up on the checkout counter. Then I hand the other one to the cashier and ask her to load the baby food jars into that one once she scans them. It makes for easy storage at home too.

Take care!

Well, I am one of those moms that makes all the baby food…or rather we eat stuff she can eat too. But, I had one idea that wasn’t mentioned by anyone yet. You know the plastic box thingy that you can wash the bottle pieces in the dishwasher. It would hold the jars in pretty well. I am sure its too small for more than 6-8 but its an idea. Or you could see if Costco or Sams Club sells them by the case load.

Maybe a half shoe box would work! Or else I liked the idea of the shopping basket mentioned above.

I just wanted to say thanks for the comment on getting my son to take a sippy cup! It is so crazy all the things they do- sometimes not wanting to eat much, but wanting to eat often…you never know. But thanks for your help! We will keep trying! 🙂

Great question. I really have no grocery shopping and carrying baby food jar tip, but you made me nostalgic for a piece of baby equipment that I really loved. It was a three towered lazy susan that had the little circles all “grooved” into it. It held 36 jars of baby food and it could spin!! I finally gave it to a pregnancy center because, despite wanting to, I could not come up with a use for it after the baby food years were over.
I like the milk crate suggestion.

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