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We Need Chauffeurs

Posted on: September 9, 2008

Today I took some online drivers’ safety training modules required by my company.  It’s somewhat of a pain, but I’m not complaining at all, because it’s the very least I can do when provided with a company car!  (I know, it’s a HUGE bonus.  Please don’t hate me.)

One module dealt with drowsy driving.  Some scary statistics?  75-100,000 motor vehicle crashes each year (and probably even more!) are due to drowsy driving.    Mid-afternoon has the highest rate of accidents due to drowsy driving.   Many other quite alarming figures.   I would post them here, but I was too drowsy to bother writing them all down earlier.

But the part that really put me in a quandary?   The section on preventing drowsy driving.  Of course,  the number one prevention tip is to get “adequate rest.”  What a revelation that was.  And even more important than the amount of sleep, is getting “quality rest” as well.  

Um, WHAT???!

I’m just curious . . . you know, because my 10-month-old still doesn’t sleep through the night regularly . . . Who exactly should be driving, then, if I’m too sleepy???!?!!

I’m thinking — for the safety of drivers everywhere — that we need to lobby our elected leaders.  The government should provide all new moms, for at LEAST the first year, with our own personal chauffers.  Really!  I might even make mine call me Miss Daisy once in a while.  Just for fun!

C’mon!  Who’s with me???

Granted, there were some other factors that aided in drowsy driving accidents.  One was driving alone (I assume because the passenger can’t keep the driver awake).  And as moms, of course, are we EVER alone???  So maybe my personal chauffer idea won’t really work.   Because really . . . no matter how tired I might possibly be, I don’t know if it’s humanly possible to fall asleep at the wheel when the baby is screaming, and my preschooler with the sensitive ears is crying and working herself up because she can’t stand the sound of her sister crying.  So much so that SHE then makes herself sick.  In the car.   For real. 

Nope.  Wouldn’t mistake that caucophany for a lullaby!

Oh well.  At least, then, we’re safe in my car.  Ready and alert.   But if you see another car with the driver all alone in the mid-afternoon?  Watch out.

6 Responses to "We Need Chauffeurs"

I hear you. Bubs is still eating at 3 am like clockwork and, although I feel better now than months ago, I ache for a good night’s sleep! Sign me up for a driver…and a chef, while you are at it.

There’s a good reason I’m on two cups of coffee a day. I drink the first one in the morning and the second right around mid-afternoon. I think I’d be asleep without it! 🙂

Amen to the coffee! And Diet Coke. Speaking of…. time for another one. 🙂

You had me laughing out loud! I don’t think I could pay someone enough to listen to all my boys while driving us around! 🙂

I want to thank you for stopping by my blog for wfmw & giving me ideas for books for kids. The barefoot books look wonderful & I will be looking into those more in the future, thanks for letting me know about them!

What a great post. I would go for that idea in a second!

You’re building a great blog here. I found you the I blog at the above link, and also with two other women at

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