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Because I’m a “Thinking Mother”

Posted on: October 8, 2008

Remember how excited you were to receive your first parenting magazines?  Never mind your growing belly and the fetal kicks and the maternity clothes, your first subscription somehow made it official;  You had joined the ranks of mom-hood and wanted everyone (and all the mailing lists to whom they sell your name) to know about it!

I grew a little weary of these magazines after the first year.  But of course I signed up again (for my FREE subscriptions — even better!) when I found out I was pregnant the second time.  Parents, Parenting, Baby Talk, American Baby . . . there was nothing I wouldn’t know about how to raise my child the best possible way!

There were some helpful tidbits, that’s for sure.  In fact, I still have the article taped on the inside of my cupboard about food ideas to start your baby on solids.  But the second go-around of reading these magazines cover-to-cover really got me frustrated.  They were ALL. THE. SAME!  How many times did I need to read articles like “Sleep Strategies for Your Toddler” or “Ten Tips for Picky Eaters” or “Questions You Need To Ask Your Pediatrician” or “Taming Those Tantrums.”  Even worse were the mom-centric features:  “New-Mom Makeovers” or “Five Ways to a More Fabulous You.”  They were almost insulting. 

I found an alternative.  And I love it.  I’m almost afraid to buy the newest copy because I know I’ll read it cover to cover, and I want to prolong the joy of reading.  (is that crazy?  Am I the only one who does this?)   BRAIN, CHILD MAGAZINE is the answer!!  The magazine for thinking mothers (their words, not mine, but I love them nonetheless).  ***edited to add:  I’m having trouble with some of my links here.  But their website is ***

Oh, Brain, Child!  *sigh*  Go to their website (  to read a few of the articles online.  It’s such a tease, though, because you’ll really want to run and get your own copy to have access to the whole shebang.   One of the quotes on the homepage is “BRAIN,CHILD provides an appealing mix of humor, wit and intelligence.”   There are essays, here, people.  Essays.  And debates.  A few months ago it was about childhood vaccines, and the last issue was about raising children with your political values.   This time is about vegetarianism.  Sound a little too liberal for ya?  Sometimes.  But both sides of each debate I’ve read were so well-written, insightful and intelligent that if you don’t agree with them, you can at least respect their opinions and their well-thought-out stances. 

Essays, debates, and fiction — oh my!  Can you tell how much I love this magazine?  You can imagine my excitement when I checked the website recently and saw the new issue.  Borders, here I come!  Brain, Child is published quarterly, so each issue is awaited with much anticipation.  And, you won’t have the trouble of receiving another one before you’ve even finished last month’s copy (I know I’m not the only one who had stacks of the “other” parenting magazines that I breezed through because next month’s stash was arriving in the mail).

So there it is.  BRAIN, CHILD works for me!  For other Works For Me Wednesday tips, head over to Rocks in My Dryer at

6 Responses to "Because I’m a “Thinking Mother”"

Hey! You linked up right after me! I really need to check this magazine out. I know you’ve mentioned it before. I’m heading over to the website now… 🙂

I never such a thing existed. I am interested because I am going to school to finish my degree while raising three daughters. And, I discovered inthe process that I LOVE English class and literature and analyzing…I love using my brain! I am a recovering “let-myself-go” mom and this sounds like the kind of magazine I need. Thanks for sharing.

Sounds interesting. Thanks! I, too, get sick of the run of the mill parenting mags.

I am going to check it out too. I have STACKS of other parenting magazines and I can never get through them. Some of them are so fluffy though! This one sounds interesting.

Ooh, something different…

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