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My Crowning Moment

Posted on: November 12, 2008

My college roommate was Michelle at Life with Three.  Oh, some stories I could tell!  I won’t, though.  Because she probably has WAY more dirt on me.  I CAN tell you, though, about Michelle and the Miss America night.  Yep, that’s right.  We were freshman, just getting to know each other, and Michelle got us all excited about the Miss America pageant on television one Saturday evening.  The other gals and I were willing participants, of course, but it was Michelle was initiated the “glitz and glamor.”  See, she made some paper crowns for us.  And curled my hair.  Oh, we were HOT, people!  HOT, I say!  I have pictures to prove it (big hair and all.  It WAS the early 90’s, of course!). 

Oh, we had fun, even if some of our enthusiasm for the pageant was in jest.  And whatever your thoughts on the whole “beauty pageant” spectacle, once in a while your inner girly-girl just has to shine through, right?

Well, brace yourself, Michelle, because have I got a story for you!

My mom’s group meeting hosted a speaker recently, the former Miss America Kaye-Lani Rafko-Wilson.  She’s somewhat of a local celebrity as she’s a hometown girl from the area.  What an inspirational woman!  My girlfriends and I are still talking about her, weeks later, because she was so warm, compassionate, funny, and had such compelling messages about volunteering, giving back to your community to help others and following God’s plan.  She really is a true beauty, both inside and out!

And then . . . if that weren’t enough . . . Kaye-Lani brought out a box.   And opened it slowly.


It was the crown.


We 30-something-year-old women were swooning.  It was almost embarrassing, but I felt like I was again back in junior high when Kaye-Lani was crowned!  This was the. real. thing!  She passed it around the group, and once it got to me, I just couldn’t resist.  Never accused of being shy, I asked if we could try it on.  I guess she had already told us yes, but those before me hadn’t done it yet!  I certainly didn’t need to be told again!

And of course, I couldn’t let the moment pass and simply place the Miss America crown on my head.  Oh no, that would be too subdued for moi.  So ever the original, I show you my crowning moment!  First, the surprise, and then the glory (yes, complete with wave). 

I won?!  What a surprise!

I won?! What a surprise!


I'm ready for my walk down the runway!

I'm ready for my walk down the runway!


So as much as I loved reminiscing about our paper crowns from 16 (yikes!) years ago, this one takes the cake.  And while my reign was fleeting, it was a glorious few moments. 

I’m just so glad there was no swimsuit competition.

3 Responses to "My Crowning Moment"

Love the crown. Love the wave. Was it heavy?

Too funny! I remember when the Kaye Lani Rae pandemonium swept through Downriver. I believe she’s from Monroe? Anyways, great story! You look good in a crown…

OMG! My jaw dropped when I saw the crown!!! THE CROWN!! You lucky duck! I’m totally jealous. (And by the way, you totally perfected the “I can’t believe I won!” look.) Great post!

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