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We don’t watch many movies here at our house.  PBS Kids is pretty safe, and the PBS Sprout On Demand channel is a big hit with my girls.   But Miss M at 3 years old is very sensitive and takes in EVERYthing she sees and hears.  She is frightened by a car commercial when the music gets loud and the car is racing down the highway. 

So most “kids’ movies” aren’t really appropriate for her.  Or for too many 3-year-olds I know, yet most of them are watching.  Almost all the Disney movies all have some scary parts in them, whether it’s a villain or a parental figure dying.  Not something I need to have them see.  Or, to be more accurate, I don’t really want to be up all night with a preschooler who’s having nightmares!

Mary Poppins has been our first — and only — movie so far.  And while it was a bit boring and old-fashioned for me , Miss M enjoyed it, which was the intent.  We’ve sung the songs a few times, and she’s asked to watch it again (side note — gotta love the $1/week rentals at the local library!).

But then I traumatized my daughters with Disney’s Fantasia.  


I figured ” How simple can you get?  An orchestra (and my girls LOVE music) — and a Mickey Mouse cartoon.”      Perfect.   Except for it wasn’t.  At.  All.

The first part of the movie starts out with silhouettes of the musicians tuning the instruments, and then the conductor walking out to the stage.  Even at this part, I should have known.  Miss M  kept asking trepidatiously, “What’s going on??  Who is that man?  Who’s talking?”   And then the first notes of the music scared Little Miss A, who started crying and running toward me (I think I had the volume a little high).

So it got pretty boring, and I figured we’d just fast forward to the Sorcerer’s Apprentice part.  A cute cartoon, right?   Wrong. Very wrong!

It started innocuously enough, with Mickey dancing with the broom.  But then . . . and my memory is getting foggy here, as this was a couple months ago . . . Mickey wants to rest or something, and locks up the broom (?).  Regardless, the broom escapes (according to Wikipedia, Mickey cannot control the magic he has tried to use), and we watched in horror as Mickey tries to kill the broom.   Yep, that’s right.  Miss M was watching, completely wide-eyed and silent, as we see in the shadows that Mickey takes an axe to hack the broom to pieces, all in a very menacing and violent way. 

Now, that may not seem like a big deal to you and me, but to my girls, it was almost as if I had turned on Children of the Corn and told them it was a fun movie!  Miss M is whimpering “I don’t like this movie,” while she can’t look away and keeps asking “What is he doing to the broom?” with grave concern.

We turned it off quickly.  So much for a family movie time!  I will always think of Fantasia now as the horror movie for my kids!

So I need help.  What movies can my 3-year-old watch??  Nothing scary, must be G-rated, the shorter the better, and if it has music, that helps, too!

Please leave me some tips in the comment section.  We’re getting a little tired of Bob the Builder and Angelina Ballerina 30-minute segments On Demand!



Do you keep your New Year’s Resolutions?

Do you even make them?

Of course, we all want to save more money, eat healthier, and DE-CLUTTER!    We want more “me” time and “girlfriend time” and to read more.  But will it really happen??  I hate putting qualifiers on these things that we really WANT to do, and then if we haven’t had a girls’ night out in the last few months, feel like it’s a chore just to schedule in order to fit it in under our pre-defined resolution timeframe.   It defeats the whole purpose.  Who are we to fool ourselves year after year.  I mean, why should THIS year be any different??

So I’ve decided to come up with some resolutions I can stick with.  Here goes:

  • I resolve to continue checking Facebook and collecting friends.
  • I resolve to devise a budget and save money continue wandering aimlessly through Target, buying the essentials, like matching holiday shirts for my girls, or the super-cute hat or fabulous beach bag.
  • I resolve to keep my house clean maybe hire a cleaning service.
  • I resolve to turn off the computer!   Wait . . . what?   Maybe not.
  • I resolve to be more active and work out  run, but only to my car when it’s raining, or if someone is chasing me.
  • I resolve to eat healthy, as long as daily indulgences are OK, like ice cream after dinner, or chocolate chip cookie snacks.

So it looks like another banner year is ahead!  And this way, I’ll be able to easily keep my resolutions and avoid the nagging guilt. 

Hooray for 2009!!

What are you doing differently this year?