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I wrote this “post” before I even started my blog!  I was debating on writing (which I do now SO infrequently anyway), and I started a list of topics that I titled “Musings for a Blog.”    So this one was written about 9 months ago, and is quite true.  I suppose when people asked me “What do you DO all day?” when I was home on maternity leave, or when some think “How is it that stay-at-home moms don’t seem to have time to do certain things?”, here is a small snapshot of an answer:

Why it takes 45 minutes to eat 8 oz of yogurt

  • 9:30 remove yogurt lid
  • Realize 2 ½ year old probably needs to use potty
  • Run to potty
  • Wait till she goes pee and poo poo
  • Clean up potty chair
  • Help wash hands
  • Realize 6-mo-old has pooped
  • Take her out of walker, see poop all up her back
  • Take baby upstairs to change and put down for nap
  • Begin changing, poop all over!
  • Not comfortable with “cleaning” her with wipes
  • Run bath water
  • Find new outfit
  • Run to other room where the clean folded laundry is (and hasn’t yet been put away) to find the matching pants to the onesie.
  • Give baby bath
  • Dress baby
  • Put down for nap
  • Take previously worn onesie and clean it out in laundry tub
  • Separately bag the offending diaper and multiple wipes and throw in laundry room
  • 10:15 sit back down to lukewarm yogurt.
  • Enjoy