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I’m not complaining,

Really, I’m not.  

Not exactly.

My husband will often do the grocery shopping.  Not more often than I, but he’ll certainly be willing to tackle our supercenter on a Sunday afternoon (yikes!) or head to our corner gourmet marketplace.  Of course, I make out the list for him, and he still calls multiple times while he’s out, which sometimes makes me wonder why I just don’t go myself and get some time alone anyway! 

But this past Sunday he went to BOTH stores, because he thought the deli meat would be better coming from the local privately-owned gourmet International marketplace.   No problem.    The first time he called he said there were great specials at the superstore, and did I need Pop-Tarts?  No.  Pop-Tarts are a sort of once-in-a-while treat I buy, usually when I’m at the store hungry.   But certainly not a staple or necessity, and definitely not needed in 4 or 5 boxes, which is what he had to buy to receive the “great” deal.    And . . . Pop-Tarts were not on the list, were they?

After a few additional phone calls, he returned, laden with the big plastic bags (I know, I know — the horrors!  We haven’t exactly moved to a “green” household just yet!  yikes!), and I began to unload the groceries.

My husband, who is NOT a dessert lover, came home with FOUR — count them — FOUR different treats/desserts.  Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookies, Little Debbie oatmeal cream pies, mini canolis from the marketplace, and a massive chocolate frosted fudge brownie from the marketplace.    When I looked quizzically at him, he said they were “treats for his girls,” meaning the little girls. 

Um, our girls are 3 and 1.  They don’t eat this kind of junk!  He was also quick to point out that the treats were for the kids, because I always tell him NOT to bring home some sort of goodie or dessert from a restaurant or bakery.  It’s something his dad does for his mom, which is very sweet and thoughtful, yes.  But it’s not for me.  I’ll get my own, and to be honest — I’ll just eat it and feel sick.   So buying me calorie-laden sweet goodies doesn’t really work for me.   (Ice cream, though?  That’s a different story!)  

(although I have to admit that I was secretly pleased about the Entenmann’s cookies, and yours truly has eaten most of the box, with a few little ones given to Miss M).

OK, so too many desserts.  No problem, right?

Oh, but there’s more.

Mister Man, who would be out of town for most of the week, purchases a pound of salami, a pound of turkey, and a little bit of bologna.  Now, Miss M will eat some of the salami and turkey, but that’s about it.  In fact, she would probably eat the bologna, too, but it disgusts me so I don’t want to give it to her!   And then he doesn’t take his lunch Monday, and after I MAKE his lunch for Tuesday, he forgets it in the fridge.   So now I have enough lunchmeat to feed the whole block, and hardly anyone to eat it!

And then, the piece de resistance . . .

Incredulously, I unload a large jar of creamed herring, and a large jar of pickled beets.  *gulp*   What?   I just shake my head, and tell him I’d LOVE to see him actually finish the whole thing.  He has good intentions (as this isn’t the first time creamed herring has been in the fridge), and eats a little immediately, and then lets it languish in the refrigerator, while I have to look at it every day (and, I swear, smell it, although I know I really can’t.  It’s just the idea that it’s in there that bothers me!)

Hmmm . . . a tiny 8 oz. jar of cherry juice concentrate.  For $5.99?!?!   Oops — he said.  He hadn’t known the price.  I asked what we were to do with this?  I don’t remember his reply, but it didn’t exactly go with the label, that indicated to add it over ice cream or to pancake batter.   This better be some good stuff.

Of course, I know the REAL reason he wants to go out to the store.  It gives him a good excuse to stop by the wine shop nearby, and come home with more wine!  He says that, since I’m pregnant and can’t share in the libations, he’s drinking for two.   Thoughtful.

Again, I’m not really complaining here, because there are men who do nothing to help around the house and wouldn’t be caught dead in a grocery store trying to find the Yo Baby organic yogurt!    But I’m just perplexed as to the how and why of his grocery contents.

Oh, and those Pop-Tarts?   Yep . . . he came home with TWO boxes!

Hear ye!  Hear ye!  I now announce to the blogging world that in only 17 short weeks I’ll be a mother of three!

That’s right, folks.  For three months I’ll have three kids under four!  Yikes!!  We are so thrilled and excited, and know that we’ll have our hands full for a while.  But we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

One thing I know I’ll miss, though, in those early infant days, is the chance to read.  Really, until the baby is sleeping through the night, it’s hard to stay up and sneak in an extra chapter of a book, when you never know how long that little bundle of joy will be out like a light!  For my firstborn, it was only 11 short weeks before she was consistently sleeping through the night.   The second?  Eleven months.  *gulp*  Let’s hope Baby #3 is as cooperative with his/her sleep as Miss M was!

So now I feel like I’m racing (or reading) against time to soak up some good literature, some new novels, some brain candy quick-reads.  Anything!  Because I LOVE to read!   And with the exception of reading/deciphering the backs of Tylenol bottles by the faint glow of the nightlight, or paging through google searches for good nursing tips, I know that my reading will be put on the back burner for a while once Baby makes its arrival. 

So I’m once again participating in 5 Minutes for Books What’s On My Nightstand? carnival.


I’ve been reading quite a bit lately.  Finished all four books of the Twilight series (see my original post here), and recently read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  I’ll finish On Beauty tonight, by Zadie Smith — an interesting read, although somewhat pretentious.  I was intrigued by the characters, but didn’t actually like any of them as people.  The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch took me about 2 hours tops to read cover to cover, but it’s one I could peruse over and over.  What a compelling story and a courageous man!

So what’s next on my nightstand?

  • The Virgin’s Lover by Philippa Gregory.  I’ve been loving her historical fiction!  The Other Boleyn Girl was fantastic, and then The Boleyn Inheritance and The Queen’s Fool were also intriguing.  I couldn’t put them down!
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife
  • Wicked by Gregory Maguire.  I’ve been wanting to read it for a while, especially after seeing the phenomenal musical!  So my good friend Jen sent me home with this (along with Time Traveller’s Wife and On Beauty) after I spent the weekend at her place in Chicago.  Thanks, Jen!
  • Wally Lamb’s The Hour I First Believed is on hold for me at the library — I wish people would hurry up and read it already!

It’s been a while since I picked up my favorite novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, so I should probably re-read that one soon, and I’d like to tackle Jane Austen’s novels.  I’ve read three of them and was enamored with her writing, and the fact that she could convey such emotion, love, sexual frustration and yearning within the confines of the society in which she was writing.  Fabulous! 

So there you have it.  A fairly heady task, considering all the other things we moms have going on — kids, husband, work, Facebook, American Idol . . . you know, the important things.   But I’ll do what I can, and enjoy the reading while I have the very limited time.

So . . . what’s on your nightstand?