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Perhaps the Apple DOES Fall Far . . .

Posted on: May 4, 2009

We took a field trip recently.  A class of 3-year-olds at a local nature center, with different rooms that correspond to caves, lakes/rivers, and grasslands.  Lots of insects, snakes, amphibians, slithery-slimy creatures that’s just right for the preschool set!

But not for some of the moms.

You see, I have this major irrational tiny little fear of spiders. 

I’ve gotten much better about the small ones.  I even kill some myself (without screaming!), if found trespassing in my humble abode.  It’s the large ones I can’t handle.   Yes, underneath my calm, rational (ha!) exterior, I DO have a crazy phobia.  Arachnophobia.

I blame it on my mother (Thanks, Mom — I know you’ll read this!) who scared me with the Little Miss Muffet horror story.   And remember the Brady Bunch episode in Hawaii?  You know what I mean . . . terrifying!  And this fear is why I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the Harry Potter movies, either!  I LOVED the books, but even reading a few small parts with the spiders, I had to read those areas really quickly to speed right through.

But I digress.    Back to the field trip.

I was so proud of my little Miss M, who had no problems holding the slithery snake, picking up bugs, and getting her hands into all the good hands-on learning activities. 

But then . . . there was the spider part.

I actually had to look away, and not make a scene.  I quietly told the teacher of my fear, so she didn’t think I was crazy to have to stand up and walk to the back of the room.  And I stole a quick glance at Miss M . . . she was TOUCHING, or dare I say PETTING a hairy leg of this creature!   YIKES!

I’m getting a little bit anxious just thinking about it right now, and hoping I won’t have nightmares.  I’m also thinking how I could have made this anecdote much more descriptive, but I’m too afraid!

One of the other moms took pictures, and I have yet to receive them.  I won’t bother reminding her, either!

The good thing — and I’m really trying hard — is that I don’t think Miss M is aware of my arachnophobia.  I really don’t want her to be, either.  And as much as it physically pained me to watch this display of insect-love, I was proud of her.  And slightly proud of myself for not passing along this irrational fear to her and making a big deal of it.  


I mean, I can only fake it so much.  But perhaps my willingness for my girls to be exposed to many things and not have their OWN irrational fears will slowly diminish my own.  I mean, really — I used to cry in college if someone even mentioned what one friend calls “the S word.”  I can even say it now.   SPIDERS.     See?!  Look at me!!  I’m almost cured, for God’s sake!  🙂

In the meantime, though, I’ll leave the spider-love where it belongs . . . anywhere but near me.

5 Responses to "Perhaps the Apple DOES Fall Far . . ."

Ha! You know I’m with you on this one! I’d have to avert my gaze, as well. We have a little board book about “legs” which features a close up picture of a taran_____. I always skip that page when I read it to the kids. Always. 🙂

And, I totally credit that stupid Brady Bunch episode. Once I saw that, the deed was done. Phobia officially set in.

Wow. I am really proud of you for staying in the general area of the S-creatures! Seriously. That is a big deal to overcome a phobia for the sake of your kids. I have to (try to) hide my craziness when it comes to stinging insects and upside-down roller coasters. My general dislike of dirty, slimy things has to be stuffed away inside. I’m raising boys, for heaven’s sake! See? Kids are good for us!

I am so proud of you! I remember having to cancel a slumber party in college because there was an s-word in the room. And now here you are letting your daughter touch one, and writing the full word. I never would have expected this day to come.

I am SO with you on this one! I H.A.T.E them…in any size. I actually had to kill two (who were next to each other on the basement wall–ick!) when my resident Spider-killer, a.k.a The Husband, was out of town a couple of weeks ago. Although I didn’t scream aloud, which I usually do, I couldn’t help but manage a gurgled shudder when the two of them flew off the wall and hit the floor in a crumpled mess. GROSS.

OK…so I’m a little behind on reading my friend’s blogs, but I just read this and laughed OUT LOUD! I’m SO impressed that you got this close to the S-word and even more excited that Miss M doesn’t seem to share your arachnophobia! I still remember the day in college we got back from dinner and there was a blood curdling scream coming from YOUR room because of a little S-word! I remember thinking that there must be a dead person in there! OK…I’m still laughing and smiling! Thanks for that! I needed it!

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