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Funny thing, this blogosphere.  I know, we all talk about how we “chat” with our “friends” and how we feel as if we know some of our fellow bloggers so well, yet we’ve never spoken or met in person.

Even stranger is how I “know” Soccer Mom!  We “met” in an online shopping group, and she lives only a few miles away!  So many bloggers are somewhere way down south, but Soccer Mom is around the corner.  Quite literally.  I’ve been to her house to drop off some Barefoot Books information but just left a packet on the porch, as no one was home.  She also has been to my house to drop off the Daisy Blue Naturals products she sells (LOVE the smell of my rosemary-mint shampoo and conditioner, by the way!) but alas, I was the one not home that day.

So someday, we need to meet up for coffee.  Or better yet (as I don’t drink coffee), a Panera Bread chai tea.  Mmmm.  yum.

Anyway, I was so thrilled when Soccer Mom bestowed some honors upon me and upon my blog recently!  Yay!  Check these out!

uberamazingblogaward      kreativ_blogger_award_copy

What a lovely surprise!  *blush*   THANK YOU!

And, she has also tagged me with my very first meme!  (Why is it named that, exactly?  Is it because it’s “all about me! Me!” ??)

Anyway, this one is simple:  list 6 random things about yourself, and then tag 6 other bloggers to play along.  OK, here we go . . .

1.  Someday I want to be a contestant on Jeopardy!  I used to say that I’d wait until I was 40, because think of how much more I would learn before then!  That milestone is getting closer (7 years left!), yet my brain cells are getting weaker.  Maybe it’s the lack of sleep or something, but I need to brush up on my skillz before I try out.  But someday you’ll see me on that show!

2.  I clip coupons, but end up throwing most of them away after they expire.  I have good intentions, but poor planning!

3.  I once took a Michael Jackson dance class at the YMCA.  I know.  How lame is that?  But it was 1984, I was 9 years old, and I can still moonwalk with the best of ’em!  And hold me back when I hear “Beat It,” “Billy Jean” or “Thriller.”  There’s a whole dance routine!

4.  I am sort of in love with Facebook.  And Word Challenge, the super-fun nerdy word game on Facebook.  Unfortunately, I invited some of my friends to play along, and then my brother beat my high score.  So we go back and forth beating each other.  But I whooped him GOOD recently and he hasn’t caught me yet.

5.  A huge pet peeve of mine is when the receipt doesn’t print at the gas station when you pay at the pump.  When I see “clerk has receipt” or even worse, when you can hear the little churning of the receipt printer but nothing comes out because they’re out of paper . . . ooooh it BURNS me UP!!!  What’s the point of paying at the pump if you need to go inside to get your receipt???   I used to need a copy for work purposes.  But now I don’t.   So when that happens now I just leave.   Especially if I have my girls in the car.   I DETEST going into gas stations!

6.  I know all the words to the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life.”  I used to recite them when I watched it, too, which really annoyed my friends.  It’s my favorite movie of all time, but it’s honestly been a couple of years since I sat and watched the whole thing.   But the Christmas season is coming!!  I’ll brush off my old VHS tape and pop it in.  All season long.  My husband will be thrilled.


There you have it, folks.  Riveting information about yours truly.  So here’s 6 bloggers I’m tagging to play along:

Michelle at Life with Three

Pocketfuls of Sunshine

Shelley at Diaper Bag Diar

Domestic Spaz

Laurie at Rocks in the Dryer

Jennifer at Playgroups are No Place for Children

And if you’re reading this, go check out these blogs — some good ones here to add to your reader!


Oh, how we love free stuff, am I right?  For those of you new to the blogosphere, you’ll be amazed at ALL the free stuff you can win over at the Bloggy Carnival Giveaway.  Everything from gift cards (who can pass up free money for Target?) to jewelry to kids’ items . . . and everything in between.  It’s truly amazing how many bloggers out there participating.  Check it out . . . you won’t be disappointed!  Just be sure to have some time on your hands so you can leave comments and get a glimpse of some new blogs to add to your readers (and hopefully win a few things while you’re at it).

So . . . what free stuff am I giving away here???  Barefoot Books, of course!!  For those new to Barefoot in High Heels and unfamiliar with Barefoot Books, you can see one of my earlier posts on the children’s book publisher.  Barefoot Books is an independent children’s book publisher that celebrates art and story while inspiring creativity, diversity, and teaching kids about the world around them. 

I have TWO Barefoot Books to bestow on the lucky winner!   The Gigantic Turnip and The Parrot Tico Tango are two paperbacks that I’ve posted about previously for the 5 Minutes for Books Kids’ Pick Carnival.  My 3-year-old LOVES these titles, and they’re great for the early elementary age as well. 


So how do you win??? 

  • Leave me a comment please with either a valid e-mail address or your website where I can easily reach you. 
  • Let me know what book your kids really enjoy reading (or having read to them).  I’m always looking for more ideas! 
  • Or if you prefer, tell me what interests you about Barefoot Books — some titles, illustrations, authors, the Barefoot mission statement, etc. 
  • If you’re interested in Barefoot’s products and would like to be on an e-mail distribution list for recommendations, sale items, coupons, etc., please say “Add Me To Your List.”   Don’t worry — there won’t be any bombarding of messages — sometimes a monthly e-mail to let you know about new products and specials. 

I’ll draw a winner at random the evening of Saturday, November 1st.  US addresses only, please!  🙂 

Most of you reading this are new to Barefoot in High Heels.  I’d love for you to browse around and let me know what you think — I’ve been blogging for only two short months now, and I’m slowly getting the hang of it!  Check out some of my favorite posts if you’d like.

Good luck!!!  I’ll notify the winner personally, and on this blog, too.  Happy Reading . . . and Thanks for stopping by!

What is the fascination with blogging, the blogosphere, the blogrolls, the bloggy carnivals?? 

(side note:  I’ve mentioned before that I really don’t like the word “bloggy.”  It reminds me of an overweight, booze-soaked, old man.  I imagine that Shakespeare’s Falstaff would be called “bloggy,” perhaps. . . .Or Ted Kennedy.)

But really, why are we so focused on the hits, the links, the page views, the comments (YAY!  More COMMENTS!!!  And from someone who is not even related to me!!!)   I say we because I’m SURE I’m not the only one.  Right?   Right?  (at least I hope not!  Then I really AM lame!)

I just started blogging a few weeks ago.  And it’s become — dare I say it? — an addiction obsession enormous time waster!!  Y’all know what I mean.  And . . . I also just got hooked online last week with Facebook.  I was amazed at all the people I knew on there!  It was a like a party I didn’t even know was happening!   And again — don’t you just LOVE adding new friends??   And the Flair . . . oooh, I just figured out how to search for all the fun flair and add it to my profile! 

But then I finally close my laptop and think . . .

Who is this person I have become?!?!   AAAGGGHHH!”

Yes, blogging has created such supportive communities of people, and Facebook has already allowed me to reconnect with some people that I was really glad to “see” online.  But I think sometimes we need to look at our own personal lives and “friends” (no, not Facebook friends — although I have almost 50 already!!  yay! oops — I digress) and reconnect the old-fashioned way.  Or make more meaningful connections with those we love, rather than racking up friends or comments electronically.

Although . . . for now, since I’m still new at all this, it is sort of fun, isn’t it??

What do you think?  Leave me a comment, because you KNOW how happy that make all of us bloggers!!  🙂    And if you’re reading this from a google or bloglines reader, click on over so that it boosts my page counts for the day . . . you know, let a girl get excited over the little things.   I am SO not the only one who thinks this way, right (or am I?)??

An award!!  For ME?!?  I’d like to thank the academy . . . or rather Michelle at Life With Three.  How kind of her!!  I secretly think it’s not necessarily that she loves my new blog, but rather because if she doesn’t show me some linky love, I could tell all kinds of stories about her that she might not want others to know!!  I mean, we were college roommates, and I remember telling her that someday I would regale her children with such fun stories about their crazy mom!!  There’s a line from Beaches where Bette Midler says “I know everything there is to know about you, my dear.  And my memory is long.  Very long.”  I sometimes feel that way about Michelle!!    So thanks for the award — rightbackatcha, girl!



So I’m new to this whole blog world.  And I have a handful of blogs in my blogroll, and more in my feedreader that I’m still getting to know.   But the rule to this award is that you must bestow it upon seven other bloggers.   Seven?!    Here we go, in no particular order . . .

Domestic Spaz would be get my vote, but I know that SHE was the one who sent it over to Michelle!   Let’s still count her as one, though.  Just because.  It’s my award now and I can do with it what I will!

The Mother Tongue.  I’ve been reading Heather’s posts for a while now, and sometimes she just hits the nail right on the head!  See the very spirited comments on her breastfeeding post, and her post on the female atheletes’ Olympic uniforms.  She took the words right from my mouth!!  I found her blog from a little blurb in Parenting magazine, because Heather was a contestant on Jeopardy.  You just have to read her comments about losing on the show!  I could link to some other posts, but I don’t know Heather and have only commented a few times to her — so let’s hope she doesn’t think I’m a stalker.  Let’s move on, shall we?

Amy at Milk Breath and Margaritas.  I found her blog and had to check it out just based on the name alone!  And she is funny!

Here’s another blog I Heart and you just have to visit:  Pocketfuls of Sunshine is brand new and she’s posting away!!  Take a look at life from a mom of two under two (and only 13 months apart).  Give her some love and tell her you how you found her . . . and by the way, she’s my cousin, too.  Nepotism strikes again!

I recently found The 3 R’s:  Reading, ‘Riting, and Randomness and we share a love for books!!  Say hello to Florinda (yes, that’s her real name.  I thought at first it was maybe Linda and she lived in Florida?  But no, I was wrong.)

I’ll put one of the big-time bloggers up here, too — Dawn from Because I Said So.  I started reading Dawn’s blog during the whole e-bay phenomenon — she posted some Pokemon cards with a hilarious commentary about how they somehow got in her shopping cart when she took all 6 kids to the store!  What an internet sensation — and now she has a book deal with Guideposts, with her first book to debut around Mother’s Day 2009.  See?  Blogging CAN get you somewhere!

Well, that’s six, and we’ll count Michelle as seven, since I really do love her blog, too.   Thanks for the award, Michelle!!

For all you faithful readers (there might be 3 of you or so, including my mom — I get a lot of hits only when I participate in a carnival), go visit these bloggers, tell them I sent you, and leave a comment!  Let me know in my comment section what other blogs I should start reading, too.

Have a great weekend!