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Twas the night before Christmas Eve

And through the messy house

The presents were finally wrapped

With some help from my spouse.


The stockings aren’t hung

On the mantel with care

Because Baby A will pull them

Then holders fly through the air!


The girls are now nestled

All snug in their beds

While to-do lists are being

Checked off in my head


And I with my laptop

(while husband is out at a game)

Am thinking about my Christmas cards

(And hanging my head in shame).


When outside my house

There arose such a clatter

I peered out the window

To see what was the matter.


The neighbor next door

Was snowblowing our drive

“Is she crazy?” I thought

“She’ll be frozen alive!”


So I stay inside

Cozy, calm and mellow

And give her a Christmas gift –

A bottle of limoncello.


If you’re like me

And your cards haven’t even been sent (!),

And you can’t figure out

Where the stocking stuffers went


And the ornaments on your tree

Are all up near the top

Because you say “don’t touch”

But your little one won’t stop!


I hope you can laugh

And remember the reason

We’re all going crazy

To celebrate the season.


I’ve given up on the decorating

And didn’t even bother baking

But hope we’ll really remember

All the other memories we’re making.


Spending time with each other

Is the best thing of all

Singing carols, reading stories

And having a ball!


So I leave you with one thought

And hope with all my might:

“Merry Christmas to all

And to all a good night!”


*with apologies to Clement C. Moore


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