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Two posts in one day!  So prolific, I know.  I wish I were as motivated to clean my house and organize my office.

I’m a newcomer to Poetry Friday.  In fact, I just stumbled upon it last night in my tour of the blogosphere.  But each Friday a different blogger hosts this carnival and people post poems, especially ones geared toward or about children.  For more info on Poetry Friday, click here.  And here’s the schedule for future dates.

Right up my alley!  And you, my dear readers, get another plug for Barefoot Books.  Today’s poem is from the Barefoot Book Someone I Like, subtitled Poems About People.  Compiled by Judith Nicholls and illustrated by Giovanni Manna, this book includes poems from such accomplished authors like Langston Hughes, among many others.

Todays feature: 

Best Friend, by Judith Nicholls

When there’s just one square
of chocolate left . . .
she shares,
she gives me half.


When thunder growls like an angry bear
and I shiver and shake
beneath my chair . . .
she won’t laugh.

When I’m grumpy or cross
or spotty or sad,
when I whine or boss . . .
she stays.

When things aren’t fair
and I hurt inside,
when I just want to hide . . .
she’s there,


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