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Funny thing, this blogosphere.  I know, we all talk about how we “chat” with our “friends” and how we feel as if we know some of our fellow bloggers so well, yet we’ve never spoken or met in person.

Even stranger is how I “know” Soccer Mom!  We “met” in an online shopping group, and she lives only a few miles away!  So many bloggers are somewhere way down south, but Soccer Mom is around the corner.  Quite literally.  I’ve been to her house to drop off some Barefoot Books information but just left a packet on the porch, as no one was home.  She also has been to my house to drop off the Daisy Blue Naturals products she sells (LOVE the smell of my rosemary-mint shampoo and conditioner, by the way!) but alas, I was the one not home that day.

So someday, we need to meet up for coffee.  Or better yet (as I don’t drink coffee), a Panera Bread chai tea.  Mmmm.  yum.

Anyway, I was so thrilled when Soccer Mom bestowed some honors upon me and upon my blog recently!  Yay!  Check these out!

uberamazingblogaward      kreativ_blogger_award_copy

What a lovely surprise!  *blush*   THANK YOU!

And, she has also tagged me with my very first meme!  (Why is it named that, exactly?  Is it because it’s “all about me! Me!” ??)

Anyway, this one is simple:  list 6 random things about yourself, and then tag 6 other bloggers to play along.  OK, here we go . . .

1.  Someday I want to be a contestant on Jeopardy!  I used to say that I’d wait until I was 40, because think of how much more I would learn before then!  That milestone is getting closer (7 years left!), yet my brain cells are getting weaker.  Maybe it’s the lack of sleep or something, but I need to brush up on my skillz before I try out.  But someday you’ll see me on that show!

2.  I clip coupons, but end up throwing most of them away after they expire.  I have good intentions, but poor planning!

3.  I once took a Michael Jackson dance class at the YMCA.  I know.  How lame is that?  But it was 1984, I was 9 years old, and I can still moonwalk with the best of ’em!  And hold me back when I hear “Beat It,” “Billy Jean” or “Thriller.”  There’s a whole dance routine!

4.  I am sort of in love with Facebook.  And Word Challenge, the super-fun nerdy word game on Facebook.  Unfortunately, I invited some of my friends to play along, and then my brother beat my high score.  So we go back and forth beating each other.  But I whooped him GOOD recently and he hasn’t caught me yet.

5.  A huge pet peeve of mine is when the receipt doesn’t print at the gas station when you pay at the pump.  When I see “clerk has receipt” or even worse, when you can hear the little churning of the receipt printer but nothing comes out because they’re out of paper . . . ooooh it BURNS me UP!!!  What’s the point of paying at the pump if you need to go inside to get your receipt???   I used to need a copy for work purposes.  But now I don’t.   So when that happens now I just leave.   Especially if I have my girls in the car.   I DETEST going into gas stations!

6.  I know all the words to the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life.”  I used to recite them when I watched it, too, which really annoyed my friends.  It’s my favorite movie of all time, but it’s honestly been a couple of years since I sat and watched the whole thing.   But the Christmas season is coming!!  I’ll brush off my old VHS tape and pop it in.  All season long.  My husband will be thrilled.


There you have it, folks.  Riveting information about yours truly.  So here’s 6 bloggers I’m tagging to play along:

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