Barefoot in High Heels

Why “Barefoot in High Heels?”

(*this was originally my very first post, but I thought I’d keep a static page here to introduce myself a little and start you off on the right (bare) foot.  Enjoy!)

Watch out blogosphere, here I come! 

I’ve finally entered into 2008 and have created my own blog.  What took me so long, you ask?  Finding a name, for one.   Not to mention the fact that I read enough blogs that I was afraid having one of my own would waste take more of my precious time!

So here we are . . . Barefoot in High Heels.  What’s that all about?  Well, I have so many different interests and activities that sometimes vary widely from each other.  I considered calling my blog “MBA to ABCs”, but I didn’t want to sound high-falutin’ (Look at me!  I have my MBA!).  Another option was ”Powersuits and Playdates” (but I didn’t want to niche myself into a working mom/SAHM type of blog) or even “Stilettos and Sippy Cups.” (But then I realized that my days of stilettos are in the distant past, as they’re not so practical when carrying a diaper bag, a Medela pump, my laptop, and my baby, all while holding my preschooler’s hand!)  And while I assume that the majority of my posts will be about my kids and motherhood and juggling it all, I didn’t necessarily want the title to focus solely on my family.

Barefoot in High Heels, however, worked best for me.  It was a way to shamelessly self-promote write about and share Barefoot Books (believe me, WAY more about the topic in later posts), one of my newest passions.  The title is also a fun way to demonstrate my life in contradictions!  (And come on, what self-respecting gal doesn’t love a good pair of shoes???) 

So I wanted to start the blog because “I’d love to explore this . . . duality” (anyone know what movie that quote is from??  hint – one of my very favorites!).  Hang out with me and come back for a peek — we’ll talk about motherhood, raising daughters, quality children’s literature, and finding/retaining your own sense of self throughout this wonderfully chaotic and rewarding role of “Mom.”  I hope some of it will resonate with you — triumphs, trials, helpful tips we can all share, moments both poignant and proud, all with a healthy dose of sarcasm and self-deprecating humor (what fun would it be otherwise?).  I hope you’ll join me for the journey!

3 Responses to "Why “Barefoot in High Heels?”"

This sounds a lot like me, I just started my blog too. I like all of the names you thought of. I look forward to reading more!

Ahhhh….the very reason I clicked the link to your blog: I was thinking, “What in the WORLD does THAT mean?!” Funny, I too l-o-v-e Barefoot Books, and just recently signed up to become an affiliate!!

I get it now! gREAT BLOG!

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